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Motive Racing - Motive FR 3.5 League

Motive FR 3.5 League


Season: 3

Tier: 1

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Website: Motive Racing

Formula Renault will be returning to Motive on Saturday Nights at 9pm UK Time after around a year off of the roster. Open wheelers have been something we've been looking to bring back for some time - so what better category than some easier (relative to some!) cars to drive, that still leave room for the odd mistake and generally challenge the core skills of all sim-racers alike! Motormouth_V12 will be on the mic, with myself (Andy_C_WFC) out on track for this one. Any questions please feel free to contact me on Discord!


Race Start Time
Willow Springs
Laguna Seca
Red Bull Ring
Dubai Autodrome

Overall Results

Position Username Real Name Platform Username Community Username No. Car Penalties Points
1 djphil-green djphil-green djphil-green 18 Renault Renault Renault 3.5 (Formula Renault) 0
2 Conor_boylan234 Conor_boylan234 Conor_boylan234 12 Renault Renault Renault 3.5 (Formula Renault) 0
3 Andy_C_WFC Andy_C_WFC Andy_C_WFC 99 Renault Renault Renault 3.5 (Formula Renault) 0
4 PopLog Poplog46 PopLog 67 Renault Renault Renault 3.5 (Formula Renault) 0