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InSide Line - GT7 DTM Trophy cup

GT7 DTM Trophy cup


Season: 2

Tier: 1

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Welcome racing fanatics to season two of Inside Line Racing. For this season we will take a trip around Europe in gr.4 machinery, for a total of 6 races up until the hollidays. Pick your favorite car since you will have to drive it all season long, and make sure to purchase some wet-weather tires since we will drive during both day and night on random weather conditions. See you all on track in our DTM trophy tour. For more info and lobby settings, join the discord with the link above!


Race Start Time
Dragon Trail
Brands Hatch

Overall Results

Position Username Real Name Platform Username Community Username No. Vehicle Penalties Points
1 VS_Stef1404 Stefan van Sprang VS_stef1404 VS_Stef1404 14 Subaru Subaru WRX STI Race Car (GR4) 105
2 Magic__Marcel Marcel Magic__Marcel Magic__Marcel 7 Nissan Nissan Silvia (S15) Spec R Aero ’02 (Road Car) 84
3 Blade-Groentje Blade-Groentje Blade-Groentje 11 Subaru Subaru WRX STI Race Car (GR4) 76
4 Stokkie_81 Stokkie_81 Stokkie_81 8 Lamborghini Lamborghini Huracan (GR4) 58
5 CRN_Chr1sCross71 Christian vermeeer Chr1sCross71 CRN_Chr1sCross71 71 Subaru Subaru WRX STI Race Car (GR4) 41
6 itssmits Marc Smits Itssmits itssmits 69 Subaru Subaru WRX STI Race Car (GR4) 39
7 Paulus Oranje_Duivel Paulus 666 Renault Renault Sport Megane RS Trophy 2011 (Road Car) 36
8 paian paianniyekine paian 80 Toyota Toyota GR Supra (A90) (GR4) 32
9 NLPrometheus Vincent NLPrometheus NLPrometheus 17 Jaguar Jaguar F-Type (GR4) 19
10 Mistercj89 🇳🇱 Mistercj-89 13 Subaru Subaru WRX STI Race Car (GR4) 14
11 Soes1978 Soes1978 Soes1978 78 Subaru Subaru WRX STI Race Car (GR4) 12
12 BassTedd BassTedd BassTedd 22 Lamborghini Lamborghini Huracan (GR4) 11
13 FRAN Cuke_ali FRAN 27 Subaru Subaru WRX STI Race Car (GR4) 6
16 barranko1990 Barranko1990 barranko1990 90 Subaru Subaru WRX STI Race Car (GR4) 1
17 Yenkoo85 Yenkoo Yenkoo85 85 McLaren McLaren 650S (GR4) 0
19 benchatt1 b0tt0m-frag_ benchatt1 15 McLaren McLaren 650S (GR4) 0