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Motive Touring Car Ch'ship


Season: 7

Tier: 1

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Motive Racing's Touring Championship will be returning on Thursday Nights at 8.30pm Project Cars 2 for PS4/5! We're very excited to be bringing back PC2 leagues as it's been a while since we last ran championships on the fullest & most in-depth sim-racing game ever made for consoles. Myself (Andy_C_WFC) will be in the comms booth, calling the action for all 6 rounds of the season - and Scott (Motormouth_V12) will be your co-ordinator and fellow racer guiding you through the ins and outs of the race event. In terms of car choices - all cars will be available. I understand this may mean it'll be a Renault Megane fest, but in all honesty if they make great racing and are fun to drive, then so be it!! Sign-up below, let us know which number you'd like (please check the games liveries first, as each livery comes with a specific number on PC2).


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Overall Results

Position Username Real Name Platform Username Community Username No. Car Penalties Points
nickthevilla Nickthevilla nickthevilla 14 Renault Renault Megane R.S SMS-R Touring (Touring Car) 0
Jay48 WSRC_JAYD48 Jay48 7 Renault Renault Megane R.S SMS-R Touring (Touring Car) 0
djphil-green djphil-green djphil-green 4 Renault Renault Megane R.S SMS-R Touring (Touring Car) 0
MOTORMOUTH_V12🎤🐌 (Scott) MotorMouth_V12 MOTORMOUTH_V12🎤🐌 (Scott) 99 BMW BMW 320 TC (E90) (Touring Car) 0
Conor_boylan234 Conor_boylan234 Conor_boylan234 11 Renault Renault Clio Cup (Touring Car) 0
cob_7 Thomas Cardno Cob_7 cob_7 55 Renault Renault Megane R.S SMS-R Touring (Touring Car) 0