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Motive Racing - Motive Ginetta GT5 Cup

Motive Ginetta GT5 Cup


Season: 5

Tier: 1

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For the first time on over a year, Motive Racing will be re-introducing the GT5 Ginetta Cup on PC2 back into our Friday night post F1 slot. These underpowered but nifty little cars produce some of the closest action seen in RWD machines. Always tight, and never a dull moment! Sign-up here to put your name down for the coming season. I (Andy_C_WFC) will be commentating, with Scott (Motormouth_V12) your co-ordinator out on the racetrack.


Race Start Time
Watkins Glen

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Overall Results

Position Username Real Name Platform Username Community Username No. Car Penalties Points
djphil-green djphil-green djphil-green 20 Ginetta Ginetta G40 GT5 (GT5) 0
ttv_allyenzo1_yt🏁🏆 Raidz_fader_yt ttv_allyenzo1_yt🏁🏆 14 Ginetta Ginetta G40 GT5 (GT5) 0
MOTORMOUTH_V12🎤🐌 (Scott) MotorMouth_V12 MOTORMOUTH_V12🎤🐌 (Scott) 99 Ginetta Ginetta G40 GT5 (GT5) 0
Conor_boylan234 Conor_boylan234 Conor_boylan234 11 Ginetta Ginetta G40 GT5 (GT5) 0
smokiedevil Smokiedevil smokiedevil 49 Ginetta Ginetta G40 GT5 (GT5) 0
maikgaming13 Maikgaming13 maikgaming13 25 Ginetta Ginetta G40 GT5 (GT5) 0