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Motive Racing - Motive Clio Cup

Motive Clio Cup


Season: 9

Tier: 1

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Motive Racing's Clio Cup will be returning on Monday Nights at 8.30pm UK Time. It's been a long time since we've seen these boxy little beasts put through their paces out on some of the trickier, more compact circuits on the PC2 game. Myself (Andy_C_WFC) will be co-ordinating this series and racing alongside yous out on track. Scott (Motormouth_V12) will be in the comms booth for this one - as he sees no pleasure in driving the cars he thinks are 'shopping trolleys' !! With that being said - if you enjoy driving these supermarket steeds then be sure to sign-up here and join the fun for the 9th season in these little machines.


Race Start Time
Ruapuna Park
Azure Circuit
Red Bull Ring

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Overall Results

Position Username Real Name Platform Username Community Username No. Car Penalties Points
djphil-green djphil-green djphil-green 82 Renault Renault Clio Cup (Touring Car) 0
Andy_C_WFC Andy_C_WFC 177 Renault Renault Clio Cup (Touring Car) 0
Conor_boylan234 Conor_boylan234 Conor_boylan234 12 Renault Renault Clio Cup (Touring Car) 0
smokiedevil Smokiedevil smokiedevil 20 Renault Renault Clio Cup (Touring Car) 0
lightblade2k18 Lightblade lightblade2k18 7 Renault Renault Clio Cup (Touring Car) 0