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Motive Racing - Motive PS4/5 F1 League

Motive PS4/5 F1 League


Season: 4

Tier: 1

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Welcome everybody to Season 3 for the F1 League on PS4/5 at Motive. This is Tier 1 - so the Top 15 drivers from last season will be guaranteed a seat, then the rest will be decided on a pace basis. Reserves will be able to race in F1 (top division), but they must race in F2 first (on the night), and the first (however many spaces there are in F1 on that night) drivers in F2 will be offered a seat in F1 for that night. Sign-ups for F2 (still using F1 cars) will be up very soon! Sign-up here, and await our confirmation on tiers!


Race Start Time
Gilles Villeneuve
Red Bull Ring
Marina Bay
Mexico City

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Overall Results

Position Username Real Name Platform Username Community Username No. Car Penalties Points
1 rednas Rednas033 rednas 70 Red Bull Red Bull RB18 (F1) 0
2 lil grevie LiLGrevie lil grevie 69 Haas Haas VF-22 (F1) 0
3 Tee Tee--87x Tee 26 Williams Williams FW44 (F1) 0
4 HDE_Baguette HDE_Baguette HDE_Baguette 97 Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo C42 (F1) 0
5 Finndesjenker magfire5 Finndesjenker 24 Mercedes Benz Mercedes Benz F1 W13 (F1) 0
6 CHICKENWING-_-66 chickenwing-_-66 CHICKENWING-_-66 66 Ferrari Ferrari F1-75 (F1) 0
7 djphil-green djphil-green djphil-green 34 McLaren McLaren MCL36 (F1) 0
8 MattyPitt1986 MattyPitt1986 MattyPitt1986 35 Williams Williams FW44 (F1) 0
9 Felix Bc game_for_life09 Felix Bc 45 Red Bull Red Bull RB18 (F1) 0
10 TezMuz Tezza7Muzza TezMuz 88 Ferrari Ferrari F1-75 (F1) 0
11 Maxッ Max_GTUK Maxッ 12 AlphaTauri AlphaTauri AT03 (F1) 0
13 ttv_allyenzo1_yt🏁🏆 Raidz_fader_yt ttv_allyenzo1_yt🏁🏆 71 Aston Martin Aston Martin AMR22 (F1) 0
14 RaKiMaJe RaKiMaJe RaKiMaJe 213 AlphaTauri AlphaTauri AT03 (F1) 0
15 jelram_22 jelram22 jelram_22 1 Red Bull Red Bull RB18 (F1) 0
16 Qgreve The-Greve Qgreve 34 Haas Haas VF-22 (F1) 0

Reserve Drivers

Username Real Name Platform Username Community Username No. Car
Attackonfightin Attackonfightin Attackonfightin 44 AlphaTauri AlphaTauri AT03 (F1)